12000 EUR


Oasis 4T dimentions

Diameter 3.9m / 12.78 ft, High 3m / 9,84 ft
Floors 9,4 m2 / 101,18 sq ft, Storage space 2.1m3 / 22,6 sq ft.

Assembly duration

Assembly takes approximately 4-8 hours, dismantling takes approximately 1-2 hours, depending from skills.

Parts included

Oasis construction of impregnated plywood, floor-coated natural oil suitable for outdoor conditions, lower tent base with insect control lines, upper transparent canopy UV resistant (Japan), opened door inlet holders, separate anti-mosquito net door, 2 cases in the floor, 2 up/down tables from floors, 7 air vents on the side and one at the top of the dome with opening mechanism, rod to open / close the upper vent, impregnated zippers, galvanized angles and screws, stainless steel door hook, 3 key lock, curtains 8 pcs., assemble instruction, transportation box.


2 years construction.
Life time client support.


According to customer needs we provide regular or fast delivery.
Oasis package fits into truck, trailer or bigger car.
All parts are packed in seperate cardboard boxes which comes in one box.

OASIS 4T package

2.7m x 0.84m, h=0.72m / 106.2in x 33in, h=28.3in 400Kg / 882lbs