Oasis - individual living space
Have you ever wanted the perfect getaway under the stars? Or maybe you just want to be One with the nature? Meet the Dome Oasis. It brings magic experience to you and your loved ones - it's a portable glamping (glamorous camping) structure that offers a 360-degree view of nature and the starry night sky.
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Gorgeous 360 view
Oasis brings totally different experience and emotions: it is a new way of staying in nature. Unique round-shaped form gives unlimited 360-degree view. Your stay in Oasis becomes a part of surroundings: no walls separation - just a clear view. It is practical, movable, long-lasting.
Ideal for your hobby
Oasis dome is designed to match your individual needs at various places. Spend the time for your hobby at any place you like: whether it is reading a book on a meadow or kite surfing at extremely windy places. Oasis is constructed to keep you safe inside and remain stable - no matter what’s the weather outside.
Perfect for work and rest
Do you like to run-away from the city? Spend the weekend in nature? Enjoy sea view and sound? But you cannot leave your work outside? Take it with you. Oasis dome is perfect for matching work and rest. Even with no electricity you won’t stay disconnected - solar panels will take care of it. Working-space privacy is no problem, curtains will do it so you can feel concentrated and de-stressed.
Under the floor there is storage for various additional things. The construction is made for easy-use: four opening segments in floors to reach your things easy and convenient. The bottom of the dome has a special underground cover from any insects, sand, grass and to keep your belongings safe and dry.
For a fresh air circulation Oasis has 7 air vents are constructed at the sides (bottom part). Main air vent is at the top of the dome. This is the place where inside air comes out of Oasis. No worries - no rain or wetness can get inside. Magnetic buttons helps to keep them open when you want it.
Optional power
Solar panels will keep you connected at any place you would like to build Oasis. No need to worry about charging your phone or tablet in the middle of the nature. Solar panels may be suggested as an additional option for your Oasis.
Product technical data

Product technical data

Size of Oasis is H = 3m (9.84ft), diameter = 4m (13,12ft).
Floor area = 7.4 m2 (24ft)

Transportation pocket on palette 2.8m (9.18ft) x 0.8m (2.62ft) x h=0.6m (1.96ft), weight 320kg (705 lb)
All elements is packed in separate cardboard boxes

Multiple assembly
For two persons it takes 3-4 hours
Dismantling takes about 1.30 hour
Assemble instruction is included
Strictly recommended to build on a level surface (sand or grass) in diameter of 4 meters (13ft)

Material resistance
Construction and floors made from water proof plywood
Oasis covered by water and wind proof canopy (tested wind gusts 25m/s)
Canopy resistant temperature -35C +40C degrees
Zippers are water-proof

4 opening segments in floors to reach your things easy and convenient. 
The bottom of the dome has a special underground cover to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Ventilation is installed in 7 sides open /close with zip and main output is in the roof
Doors is also used as ventilation
Stick for upper ventilation open/close is included

Curtains 8 units is included
Upper and side curtains protects from direct sunlight and create privacy atmosphere

All air vents and doors includes Anti-mosquito meshes

Extra pocket
Additional assembly elements are included
Transparent canopy, opaque patch and glue

Hang down upper curtains and sky with stars is Yours!
Choose Your Oasis color
Construction and floors color
Canopy bottom color
Light beige
Vytautas Puzeras
+370 686 09009
About us

Our OASIS team is prepared to carry all clients needs and supply Oasis all over the World. Every part of construction was engeniered and tested by nature conditions by our selves. All production and quality process is strictly performed individualy by responsible persons. OASIS dome is a product of PUZERO design company with more that 20 years experience in product development, design and architecture field.
More about Puzero design: www.puzero.eu
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